Recent Highlights

Steve's new journey into virtual reality 

(see 360VR page on the website for more and how to view on VR headsets)

Here's a gallery of some of the highlights too, which can be watched on desktop and mobile:

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100 Voices Project - Is Everything Going To Be OK?

(Steve's 2016 production with 100 singers)

now supports 1 charity, World Wildlife Fund.

The song was also made into Steve's first 360VR video

(see 360VR page for how best to watch the video below in VR or on mobile)

For the video below, Click the link below for YouTube on tablet 

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100 Voices Project - Is Everything Going To Be OK?

now supports 1 charity, World Wildlife Fund, since Steve turned vegan.

Please donate and download on desktop.

100 Voices - Is Everything Going To Be OK - StevePaulSounds360VR

Steve's 2016 charity project,

is now in virtual reality.

(for the best experience, learn more on the 360VR page.

To watch here, and wave the phone in the air, download YouTube app before tapping on video below)

Please donate below to download the 4 track EP (including Lee Nelson version)

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Introducing Steve's new collaborations: 


The Incompletes

Xavier (see video Forming on 360VR page)

Experimental piano and Spoken word collaboration albums with Xavier coming soon

Hannah C

The Incompletes is a band formed by Steve Paul, Karen Moller and Peter Davenport

Their song, Let's Move On is available for download on iTunes, Google Play and all streaming sites, including Apple Music and Spotify

Hannah C  

(for WeCreate - Steve's music, songwriting and recording classes for all)

Flying High, Recovering and Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover)

Steve has created ChannelCreatives

A collection of YouTube channels built around an online and real life creative collaborative community,

showcasing videos, live music, films and exclusives from musicians, artists, and vegan content creators.

The project has the scope to be huge, but for now it is in its early infancy, and the project is on hold. 

ChannelCreatives Screenshot.jpeg