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We Flow Through Infinite Dreams Pt 1: Space Healing -
Electronic Press Kit

"A timeless, beautiful masterpiece is no exaggeration"


"Absolutely beautiful"


"Like Interstellar" 



"A timeless space odyssey! An epic sound journey where the imagination can lose itself amongst twinkling stars, angelic voices and heavenly tones. I love it"

Playing Piano_edited_edited.jpg

This is a career defining moment for Steve Paul (he, him), 18 years after his first release, releasing his debut collaborative charity album, the first part of an epic 3 part album to be released over 2 years for mental health charity MIND, as a mental health pioneer and sufferer.

It's a cinematic, epic, meditative, healing, beautiful, chilled, transformative journey through space, "a universal dance and profound metamorphic vision of the stars and infinity".

An eclectic mix of Space-Fi, Neo-classical, Ambient, Electronic, New Age, Meditation Music, a Guided Space Journey, Shamanic, Experimental, Downbeat, Post-Rock, Dream Pop and Chill-Out.

Steve weaves together Heavenly Layered Live and Sampled Female Vocals, Piano, Synth, Metallophone, Native American Flute, Harp, Handpan, Flute, Sampled Strings and Clarinet, Crystal Singing Bowls and Guitar.

The album came together inspired by the concept of three part album Royksopp - Profound Mysteries, with a spark to be as original as possible and at times influenced by Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Jon Hopkins - "Music For Psychedelic Therapy", Hans Zimmer, Sigur Ros, Eirlys and flowing with sound healing instruments.

Steve remixed his own 2 year 100 Voices Project from 2016, featuring guest appearances including Beth Rowley, Daisy Chute and Kerry Fleur, leaving snippets of the epic female vocals with Brit Award nominees. With Space Hippies, Maris Rei and Ben Robin, they played instinctive shamanic flow jams and added a guided space journey meditation. He remixed an epic collaboration with Xavier Keys from 2019, a 2 year partnership of intricate detail. Carolin Nobles and Kaya Rose Green added heavenly vocals which he layered to harmonize.  Mastered by Philip Marsden. Superfans and friends Aria J Fox and Collapsing The Particle guided and inspired him. He met these talented musicians at songwriters meet-ups, piano bars, Facebook groups, podcasts, spiritual meet-ups and reaching out to his favourite singers he'd come across. 

Steve has been making music his whole life, since exploring the piano with his concert pianist grandmother, who he dreams is loving the album from heaven. He went on to start songwriting on computers with his school piano teacher at age 16, before you could record audio. He spent another 29 years perfecting his craft at 50 instruments and as much software and plugins he could afford, whilst developing his talents in making his own style of psychedelic dreamy videos.

Whilst producing and mixing the album, Steve felt cocooned in his lounge studio, affected by his mental health, struggling with multiple diagnoses, such as M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, likely ADHD and autism, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, bipolar and depression. He was trying to drown himself in beautiful sounds to escape from the noise of the city, the sirens and other noises outside triggering his mental health, with COVID times making things worse.


So he transcended into a world of dream-like creation, with the intention to create a healing, meditative masterpiece for himself and to send light and love to as many people as he could reach.

Steve, who believes he is an alien soul, called in divine support from Angels, God, Fairies and Starbeings, and used crystals by his computer when producing the album, to put him in a magical, spiritual, meditative, guided flow state away from his struggles.

Please take the time to immerse yourself in your best listening experience and enjoy the journey.


Thanks for your time and support, Steve 💚✨∞

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