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Other Projects With Steve Paul:

Steve Paul feat. Kerry Fleur and Sharon Daboul starred in the soundtrack of the 11Eleven Project, a user generated documentary film.


In the spirit of community and collaboration, people across the globe were invited to record their lives on the 11th November 2011. People from 179 countries picked up recording devices and captured their day using film, photography, music and sound. Their collection of work was curated and turned into the 11Eleven Project film. 


Everything you heard and saw was all recorded on 11/11/11. 


Profits from the film are donated to charities mentioned on the 11Eleven Project website.





A compilation album featuring 10 Steve Paul original tracks and remixes, and 16 musician friends, the album was compiled and produced by Steve Paul in aid of the victims of the Japanese Tsunami, with the money now going to Aid For Japan - A Charity For Orphans.


Available as a "Pay what you want" download album on Bandcamp. All of the content is accessible below.  


The official Help Japan Music iPhone App is also available, featuring songs, photos, videos, news, links and band info from selected artists. Listen to music from the album whilst you use other apps.

Interactive Album Project

(coming soon..... maybe...)

Who knows, there might be an album of songs featuring even more innovative ways of being interactive socially and musically....Get in touch if you have any ideas......

gGouble click me.

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