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Show Me Your Infinite Visions
New single - EPK

"Perfect", "Absolutely beautiful" "Love it", "Like Interstellar", "Magical"

Playing Piano_edited_edited.jpg

This is a career defining moment for Steve Paul, releasing this beautiful, chilled, epic, emotional, transformative journey through mediative peaceful uplifting piano and pulsating synths and sampled strings and flutes. "Falling Through a Space-Time Portal" was perhaps a more fitting title for the song, but "Show Me Your Infinite Visions" came through at the last minute as Steve's girlfriend had been sharing her experience with each new mix he'd sent her for feedback, and each of her experiences sounded like another universal dance and profound metamorphic vision of the stars and infinity. Inspired by Jon Hopkins, Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds, and finding his own visions in between. This is the lead track to a forthcoming album or triple album, a new era, yet somehow spawned from 2020's different kind of journey, As I Don't Remember The World.

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