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Steve Paul (he/him) is a Singer Songwriter, Producer, Remixer and Multi-instrumentalist, vegan and environmental activist, with Cosmic New Age Spirituality.

Formerly known as "abandondrugs," "abandon'd rugs" and "abandond", and the producer behind AURORA's Warriors. 

Also a Film Producer/Editor, Animator, Sculptor, Poet, Teacher, Digital Artist, Board Games Designer.


He collaborates with and teaches special needs youth working on music, films and animations with WeCreate.

Steve is offering the following services
for musicians and bands:
Virtual Reality animations, which can be presented in VR, 2D
(and Augmemented Reality without sound via Sketchfab)
Live recordings of concerts with 2 360 cameras,
which can be played back in VR or 2D.
Simple 360VR music videos.
Producing music from a home studio or studio
we can find together.
Lyric videos from provided music and images.
For website of digital portraits, where you can request a commission, please head to

Born in London in 1978 when The Boomtown Rats were Number 1 in the UK Charts.


Aged 5 - Learned piano with concert pianist Grandma.

Aged 15 - Wrote a song on a computer.

Aged 16 - Bought an acoustic guitar.

Aged 20 - Started writing solo guitar indie / folk songs.

Aged 25 - Released electronica E.P. - Words To Come E.P.

Aged 26 - Made the first of a series of remixes with Regina Spektor’s - Samson.

Aged 27 - Signed to A Future Without and released Yestoday No Tomorrow on Scissors Comp. on iTunes.

Aged 29 - Started filming songs at gigs and making music video mash-ups to post on YouTube.

Aged 31 - Began to work with youths from disadvantaged backgrounds. The first project was with Uncle Mow, producing the indescribable I Might EP. Further musical projects expanded to include other youths, and the first group became known as The Bearded Epiphany.

Aged 32 - Released Steve Paul and Friends - Help Japan - a 26 track compilation of released and unreleased tracks and remixes of own and friends tracks.

Aged 33 - Abandoned Abandond'rugs, Abandondrugs and Abandond to become Steve Paul, and for internet identity, Steve Paul Sounds.

Aged 33 - Recorded first complete song including own vocals, and the vocals of previous collaborator Kerry-Fleur's to produce The Sun Just Exploded, which was released for the soundtrack to the magnificent charity film, The 11Eleven Project.

Aged 34 - Branched out into film-making with a charity called Teen Enterprise Films, and produced, soundtracked and edited a short film, The Job Interview. A documentary about the boys involved with the charity is underway.

Aged 34 - Launches the 100 Voices project, the first stage of something bigger.

Aged 35 - Took up animation.

Aged 37 - Released 100 Voices Project.

Aged 38 - Took up digital art and board games design.

Aged 38 - Launched WeCreate, a service where Steve produces and writes songs with special needs children and young adults, also open to those without special needs. Keep your ears peeled for some serious talent he is unearthing.

Aged 39 - Discovered Virtual Reality, then launched StevePaulSounds360VR, making Virtual Reality music videos, filming live concerts in virtual reality and making animations in VR. 

Offering these services to bands and musicians.

Aged 40 - Begins work on spoken word album with a pianist, Xavier.

Aged 41 - Releases career highlight song, As I Don't Remember The World with Xavier Keys. Begins learning to code for making VR games and music experiences.

Aged 42 - Has spiritual awakening. Begins to make meditation music, meditations, frequency music and binaural beats. Forms AURORA's Warriors, making AURORA cover collaborations, with success with The Seed

Aged 44 - Releases a revamped version of Beautiful from his debut EP and Releases piano and electronics track, Show Me Your Infinite visions, the start of a new era.

Aged 45 - Releases debut album We Flow Through Infinite Dreams,  "a timeless beautiful masterpiece" space-fi, meditative, cinematic epic charity album for mental health charity MIND, the first of a three part album over 1--2 years.

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