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Buy 100 Voices 4 Track EP And Donate To World Wildlife Fund

100 Voices - An Epic Charity Song Produced By Steve Paul, Called "Is Everything Going To Be OK?"


100 Voices 360 Virtual Reality Video below

Head to 360VR page for more info on how to watch

Download 100 Voices (Is Everything Going To Be OK) from your computer and donate to 5 charities

You can also pre-order future remixes and alternate versions on download, CD or Vinyl and even request your own tailor-made mix. You can choose to donate to just one of the charities, including others chosen by the singers. Everything wlll be OK and clear on your computer.

On iPhone you may need to tap YouTube in the bottom right corner if the video is not loading. Sorry about this technical fault.

For the best experience and to donate and download, please head to a desktop computer (Not iPad or Android).

Complete the form below on Android or your computer only - iPhones and iPads do not support downloads - to donate and download or pre-order CD or Vinyl.

The donations will go to the World Wildlife Fund
£5 or more for the 4 track EP Download.
£10 for all future downloads of remixes and versions,

£20 to pre-order CD or vinyl with future remixes and versions.
£75 to request a tailor made version from Steve where you choose the music.


Complete the form to the left to donate and download. (now available on all devices)

The donations will be go to the World Wildlife Fund.



WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation.

Our mission is to create a world

where people and wildlife can thrive together.

To achieve our mission,

we're finding ways to help transform the future

for the world’s wildlife, rivers, forests and seas; 

pushing for a reduction in carbon emissions

that will avoid catastrophic climate change;

and pressing for measures to help people live sustainably,

within the means of our one planet.

We’re acting now to make this happen.

Please donate generously by choosing Custom Amount.


Now Featuring Big Post-Rock Comedy Lee Nelson version

Main mix, instrumental and Lee Nelson mix available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, SoundCloud and can be Shazam'd!

Other mixes coming to those places soon.

With our world in such a chaotic state, many people just want to know;


"Is Everything Going To Be OK?"

Steve Paul is the producer behind the project “100 VOICES”, a venture of epic scale.


The project brings together a hundred singers to record an atmospheric, trance, dream pop, choral song, building from one voice,

then adding layer upon layer of voices for the song's 100 voiced climax. 

Story of the Song

Steve started writing the song with a different title in 2009, "There is a Place", which you can listen to on Soundcloud. He then came back to it in 2013, when he decided to change the lyrics to "Is Everything Going To Be OK?" At this point he realized it needed 100 singers, so he got to work on finding them, in all sorts of different ways. 

Number one artists Nizlopi held a songwriting weekend where Steve recorded 24 singers. London folk music legend Pete Roe played a gig in his lounge and Steve recorded their parts with audience members. Steve gathered singers at an open mic and a  songwriters meet-up. He got hold of his favourite singers, friends and family who are singers, friends of friends who were singers. Some came to Steve's home studio or Steve found them as far as Israel to record them in fields, special needs schools,  community centres, houses and hotel rooms. Others sang from the comfort of their own homes and recording studios and sent the recordings online. He posted the song on an online collaborative music site called Ohmstudio, where most of the improvisations between the singing came from.


The project has amassed some other big names, such as the comedian Lee Nelson, (who you can hear making a joke and saying "laters" at the end). It has solo lines from Brit Award nominees Beth Rowley and Daisy Chute. Up and coming stars include Sam Sallon,  Lauren Rich, and Kerry-Fleur (whose speaking you hear at the beginning and end - no it's not from a film) all asking 

"Is Everything Going to Be OK?"

Final Stages

After years of work of recording, producing and mixing in Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, having listened to and mixed the same line approximately 100x100x10 times to get as perfect a mix as he could, he took it to Abbey Road to be mastered by Alex Wharton. It went live online exactly a year after Back To The Future 2's future, 21/10/16, so it's even more futuristic than the future. 

The final piece of work is now available online with a video.

For You To Choose A Bespoke Tailor Made Version or Remix

Steve is planning to make further mixes, alternate versions and remixes to be released in the coming months. If you wish to make your own tailor-made mix, choose your own selection of singers, at which points in the song you'd like them to sing, and when you want instruments to come in etc. you could donate £50 for the honour and Steve will contact you for a discussion or even a mixing session at his home studio. If you are a remixer, you could ask Steve to send you them stems to make a remix yourself. 



When the song was in development Steve felt it was such a call to humanity that it needed to be a charity project. 

Previously the project was split between 5 charities, now all the money raised will go to World Wildlife Fund.

Please contact Steve if you have any questions or if you want to

request a tailor made mix where you choose the singers and instruments.

If you would like to remix the track please

download the stems below for free (computer only)

and contact Steve to send him the track.

The best ones will be released.

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