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Musician, producer, 100 Voices Project, 360 music videos, animator, game designer, artist.

Offers collaborative studio and online sessions for everyone at WeCreate+,

Offers commissions and music sync for screen.

WeCreate + StevePaulSounds - Creative collaboration for all with Steve Paul 


WeCreate is Steve's music, songwriting, recording, virtual reality, animation, music video collaboration service for children and young adults with all needs including Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, social and emotional difficulties.

WeCreate + StevePaulSounds is the ambitious in-development expansion of this service, welcoming musicians at all stages in their career to collaborate, enabling online collaboration sessions, linking with charities, encouraging songs with positive messages, and offering to work from a music project with all Steve's best music inside to use as starting inspiration.


Please visit the WeCreate website (currently being updated with new details)


StevePaulSync and original music

Steve's original songs, remixes and collaborations available for sync in films, TV and select advertising.

Please visit StevePaulSync page

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StevePaulSounds YouTube Channel

Steve's YouTube channel has recently been expanded and revamped into neat categories, where you can see his best original songs, covers and remixes, 360 films, animations, video mash ups, a short film. The channel also includes a section with vegan and environmental activism.

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Xavier Keys & Steve Paul - As I Don't Remember The World

A 2 part, 10 minute journey spanning multiple genres. 

This collaboration between Steve Paul and emerging Neo-Classical pianist Xavier Jameson is arguably Steve's best work yet. Made over 9 months, the last month was made in isolation across 2 homes, with both artists summoning deep memories of planet Earth.

Listen, download, and watch here


100 Voices Project - Is Everything Going To Be OK?

Steve's 2017 project with 100 singers including Brit Award nominees, UK number 1 artists and a world famous comedian, now features a 360 Video and supports one charity, World Wildlife Fund.

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In 2018, Steve began to explore the world of making 360 Virtual Reality Videos. He has made 10 of these so far and has many more in the works. Please contact Steve if you would like to commission him for a 360 video. He will be selling custom made 360 viewers on his site soon so you can view his videos


Watch Steve's 360 videos here.

(video is 360: you can scroll on desktop, move phone around you or insert into VR headset)

For artists looking to make a video, see examples below in the 360 Video Showreel

Visit for commissioned iPad portraits.


Commissioned iPad Portraits


360 Video / Music Sync / WeCreate / StevePaintsDigital

100 Voices Project - Is Everything Going To Be OK?

Steve's 2016 production with 100 singers now supports 1 charity, World Wildlife Fund.

Video is 360 VR: Use headset, scroll around desktop or move phone around you

100 Voices - Is Everything Going To Be OK - StevePaulSounds360VR

Steve's 2016 charity project,

is now in virtual reality.

(for the best experience, learn more on the 360VR page.

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