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Customizable DVD of all of Steve Paul's greatest original music videos, short films and animations.


Collection of all the music Steve has Distributed On Most Platforms


Teen Enterprise Films - The Job Interview (Short Film)

Choose Life - Animation

100 Voices - Is Everything Going To Be OK?

Xavier Keys & Steve Paul - As I Don't Remember The World

Abandondrugs - Yestoday No Tomorrow

Uncle Mow & Steve Paul - I Might (Too)

Beauty and the Alien From Vega (animation)

Oli K & Steve Paul - How Wild It Was

Chords From Heaven Binaural Beats

Steve Paul, Aurora's Warriors, Sussie Mellstedt - The Seed Rebirth Full Light Language

Other original songs and collaborations and previous versions of songs can be requested to be included, including,


Previous demo versions of all above mentioned songs

Is Everything Going To Be OK (Post Rock version)

Any Meditation / Binaural Beats

Abandondrugs - Bad Copy

Abandondrugs - Baseless Ice

Three Seconds

Anything from the Abandondrugs 2000 Demos release

Chronic Sonics

A Night In The Light

Steve Paul & Oli K - How Wild It Was

We Are Robots Pretending To Be Humans

A New Definition: We Are Just People Who Struggle With Emotions and Thoughts


Most of these songs can be sampled on SoundCloud if you're interested


Please fill in the custom text field or send an email requesting changes in the tracklist for the above songs I've recorded to be replaced. If it's complicated, I'll send a checklist for you to select tracks.


All tracks also available to stream or buy on most platforms

Customizable DVD - Best of Steve Paul Music Videos, Short Films, Animations

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