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Chords From Heaven Love Frequency Healing Binaural Beats 528hz -HEADPHONES


Plus next 9 binaural beats 2021 releases.


Binaural Beats are music tracks where there are tones playing one sound frequency in one ear, and another sound frequency in the opposite ear, creating an illusion of a low frequency sound vibration occurring because of the difference. This causes an entrainment effect in the brain.


Binaural Beats are used for meditation, relaxation, stress relief, deeper sleep, pain relief, mind expansion, brain hemisphere synchronization, and most elements of the mind-body complex can be improved using Binaural Beats, using Brainwave Entrainment. Many scientific studies have conclusive research on Brainwave Entrainment and its effects. I strongly recommend headphones and closing your eyes for this experience.


However, beginners to binaural beats are often advised to start with shorter sessions, so one idea would be to remove headphones listen through speakers after 10-15 minutes if you are a beginner.


It is worth being aware that some people are of the opinion that binaural beats can be unsafe, so if you are concerned please do you own research before trying.


Please have a look at Steve's websites​ 

Please  look out for Love Frequencies Healing own channel coming very soon.

Sending love and light Steve x

Binaural Beats Collection As Released - 432Hz & 528Hz 1st included - headphones

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