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Abandondrugs was the artist name Steve used to use. 

He found a tape in 2019 with the recordings he made on a 4 track tape machine and an old PC from 1997-2001, predating Words To Come EP.

11 tracks - 9 of which are guitar and voice in the style of Ash and Radiohead and 2 have other electronic exciting sounds.


1) Falling

2) Can I Be Myself With Yourself?

3) Now

4) Can't I See I'm Still Chasing?

5) I Wish I Could Still Hear The Words

6) I Wanted To Follow You

7) A Few Spoken Words Can Change Everything

8) A Song That's About You And Me

9) I Don't Know If It's For You

10) Though You've Closed Me Outside Of Your Door

11) This Won't Be Our Final Goodbye

Abandondrugs Tapes - 11 tracks - Digital Demos restored from 1998-2001

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