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An Epic Charity Song Produced By Steve Paul, Called Is Everything Going To Be OK?

Download 100 Voices

And Donate To 5 Charities

Stream the full song here for a limited time only.

Please, please donate, as it's for charity.

Download 100 Voices (Is Everything Going To Be OK) from your computer or Android Phone and donate to 5 charities

You can also pre-order future remixes and alternate versions on download, CD or Vinyl and even request your own tailor-made mix. You can choose to donate to just one of the charities, including others chosen by the singers. Everything wlll be OK and clear on your computer.

On iPhone you may need to tap YouTube in the bottom right corner if the video is not loading. Sorry about this technical fault.

Sorry - Not available on iPhones and iPads - You can download on your computer or and transfer from there, or wait for an iTunes release. Alternatively you can pre-order CD or vinyl from your computer.

The main charities chosen for 100 voices are listed to the side. 100 Voices singers have also added their personal favourites to the list on the charities page. If you wish to donate to just one charity, or a larger selection, please click "Donate" be forwarded to Donorbox.

Choir With No Name 

 Choirs for people affected by homelessness

World Jewish Relief (Haiti Appeal)

British Jewish community’s international humanitarian agency. 


Jewish community's response to extreme poverty worldwide

Macmillan Cancer Support

Caring for people with cancer


Supporting children

and families with learning disabilities

Spotify, iTunes etc. coming soon.

Please contact Steve if you have any questions, or if you want to request a tailor made mix where you choose the singers and instruments or if you want to remix the track yourself.

Thanks for listening to the 100 Voices Project

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