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Is Everything Going To Be OK?


A Steve Paul (and 99 Other Singers) Production

If you decide not to come to my home studio or meet me on the road to record, here are the steps to recording on your own:

Smartphone users - To Participate online, please go to the desktop site. Otherwise, arrange a recording session with Steve Paul via the contact tab.


Listen and learn the incredibly simple 2 one-line melodies and "Ahhs" from song from the "100 Voices - Demo" SoundCloud box on the right.


Then listen to the instrumental (on the right) through headphones and record into the best mic you can find. All I want back is your vocals isolated from the music.



If you want to use your computer to record the project, supported apps are:

STEP 3 (optional)

Download the projects in your favourite software from the box on the right hand side. 


If you have other software, or are recording by other means, just download the audio from the SoundCloud boxes above and import the audio into your music software of choice.


When you are finished recording your clip, just upload your vocal only, or a .zip file of your project if you've used one of the apps I provided, and either:

1) Email it to me using the form below.

2) Send it to me on SoundCloud as a message by logging in, clicking on my messaging button (see picture below), and attaching the uploaded song file in a message to me.

NB - Soundcloud has disabled its dropbox feature.


In the form below you can also tell us a bit about yourself and send some links to your work so we can promote you on the Singers Page.

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